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Media player for mac Although the GUI changes look sleeker, some functionality has been hindered. I loved that Player Xtreme had the playback speed increment on screen since majority of other video players don't even offer this feature and is the MAIN reason I still use it , but now accessing this function requires an extra 2 clicks to access instead of it being readily available on screen with the other controls.

I had originally given the app 3 stars but after this latest update, have dropped it down to 1. Link to Audirvana Plus Audirvana Plus offers the best streaming sound quality on music playback. It comes with automatic sample rate switching and minimizes the use of CPU to decrease the load on the system.

Enjoy gapless playback with the double buffering mechanism of the player and can be operated easily with Apple IR Remote. Free compression software for mac. Musique Musique is another great music player for Mac, which has a simple and modern UI. I have my music files on external Gb HDD so they are safe and backed up. I just don't like the look, feel and organisation of menus, view options etc on iTunes I was very happy with iTunes Which fulfilled all my iTunes wishes.

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Am I the only person who does not want or need the latest OSX just to play music? Cheers Ozziozzi. Generally speaking, OSX prevents reverting to an earlier version once updated. It may be possible to 'cheat' by partitioning and installing And no, you are far from the only person who hates the current iteration of itunes although I heard there are interface changes coming.

Most of those also support other formats like the very popular FLAC, which Apple stubbornly refuses to support. Your idea about partitioning might just help if I get the "granny state" messages from Apple about reinstalling over newer os. I plan to slim down internal drive leaving only apps like Safari, iTunes, notes etc.

I will look into Plex. I tried BitPerfect on my macbook air and, frankly, couldnt hear much difference on good headphones or amp and speakers.

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I like the iTunes ease of ripping CDs apple lossless with error correction usually and the integration with Freegal downloads from my local library. Just don't like the way I end up with duplications and lost files in iTunes database when I change from one computer to another or one external HD to another.

What is the feeling on this forum about upsampling all music files that are lower than this. Is it worthwhile? Any other advice appreciated.

Audirvana Plus - How to import your audio files ?

Or ditch MacOS entirely and run Linux on it you'd have to get your hands a little dirtier, but it would work. There is an app called BeaTunes that is supposed to help with organization kerfluffles like missing or duplicated tracks, but I don't have personal experience. I have just partitioned mac mini HD into two approx 80Gb partitions. Now I just have to find copy of Any ideas on whether this should work?

System Preferences Mac Download 8

Dual boot macs seem to be common. I will investigate Beatunes. Otherwise I just shrug. Been there done that, never again. Do this with existing OS on drive, in my case As those two have fought it out in the commercial arena, the developer of Play came up with a free program, AyreWave, in conjunction with Ayre, which combined the simplicity of Play with high-quality bit playback. This now leads the pack of the free players after the association was dropped and the program re-named Decibel if you want a simpler program and potentially better sound than you get using iTunes.

Many people feel that using the audiophile-oriented music players improves the sound with their equipment. At the very least, they offer features not available in iTunes, such as upsampling and access to the audio filters built into Mac OS X. The latter is especially useful as Mac OS X has a built-in band equalizer which is very handy for learning about frequency response.

However their main advantages over iTunes for improving the quality of the computer's output is a dedicated playback engine different to the one in Mac OS X or iTunes, as well as the ability to switch the system output to the sample rate of the track being played, which is important if you have a mix of high-resolution as well as CD quality music and wish to have bit-perfect output every time.

Additionally, they can entirely take over the output device "hog mode" giving the program exclusive access which prevents system beeps and other programs interfering with music playback.

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So for the curious, here is a list of the players currently available that I know of, along with some basic information about them. August Replaced with the version from the thread , which was updated in February. Apple, iOS and Windows. They were one of the very first companies to come out with a player focussed on improving sound quality and have changed their offerings over the years. Audirvana Plus Commercial, demo available for download.

Apple and Windows. Playback can be via its own playlist, iTunes library sync or using an iTunes Integrated Mode.

Mac OS X Audio Player "Bit-Perfect" Sound Quality...

BitPerfect Commercial, Apple. Great if you want a simple and cheap solution while still using iTunes. Now supports up-sampling and DSD playback. A multi-media player that also supports Youtube.

Mac OS X Music Players - alternatives to iTunes

The commercial version is required to be able to save Youtube videos and stream to Airplay devices. An up-sampling or re-sampling music player that allows the user to choose numerous algorithms and even DSD conversion and network transmission, potentially allowing for improved sound quality from DACs with good hardware but poor or no ie: non-oversampling digital filter implementations. Based upon Pure Vinyl and using its own playback engine, like Amarra, integrates with iTunes, running in a window alongside and can re-sample music on the fly. Unlike Amarra, it requires iTunes to be running to select tracks, but offers a considerable slew of other options.

With the software installed on computers, including Raspberry Pi and similar, it can play music from the server to any device on your network, including multiple devices separately at the same time, and be controlled by any of them too.

Designed to entirely replace iTunes, including iDevice sync support. It has, among other features Last.