How to setup two monitors on mac mini

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  1. Connecting an Apple Monitor
  2. USB-C power delivery
  3. Connect multiple displays to your Mac mini (2018)
  4. How can I connect two Dell monitors to my Mac Mini?

I am running pro presenter at my church. Not sure how many the RX cards can support, but in theory, it can handle all 4. Hi James.

Connecting an Apple Monitor

Great info. If I follow your guide and purchase the enclosure and RX graphic card will I then be able to connect 5 or 6 monitors to a mac mini ? Thanks in advance. Thanks Brian! Sorry for the ultra late reply, I was having some issues with my comments system. Apple says it supports up to one 5k screen, two 4k screens, or three p screens.

If your 6 displays are under 5k resolution, this setup will work for you. USB 3.

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Indeed, it works, but the slow screen refresh and overall laginess was too much for me to bear. I was fortunate to have an extra graphics card lying around, it would have been very expensive to buy both the enclosure and the card together.

USB-C power delivery

Wish I knew this before buying the Mac Mini, but at least I have it working now. This is a fantastic guide and thank you so much for continuing to update the post! Please do keep us updated if anything changes in the future! Thanks for your kind words!

Connecting an Apple Monitor

All is working well on my end. Hi James, thanks for sharing information.

How to Connect 2 Monitors to a Mac Mini

Or all the displays have to use the same GPU? Hi Bleaker! About the Author Andrew Tennyson has been writing about culture, technology, health and a variety of other subjects since Accessed 02 November Tennyson, Andrew. How to Use Two Monitors on a Mac.

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Small Business - Chron. Fortunately, this is an easy fix. This is as simple as plugging the monitor into another computer, assuming you have a different machine handy. The most common is blurry-looking fonts.

Connect multiple displays to your Mac mini (2018)

To manually set your resolution, open System Preferences and go to Displays on the second row. It might take a few tries, but you could end up with a much sharper-looking display. First, you can look at some of the color profiles in the Color tab of the Display settings in System Preferences.

These are the best sites for monitor calibration. Read More. This extends to issues with your monitor as well.

How can I connect two Dell monitors to my Mac Mini?

Resetting your SMC can fix issues with display management and ports not functioning as they should. After reading this, you might be put off on the idea of running more than one monitor. Most of the time, running multiple monitors is as easy as plugging them in.