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Adding Text Boxes To further clarify where the particle is at any given time, it would be helpful to label our points. Fill it with your desired text, and then drag the box to where it needs to be: You can change the font of your text by selecting it and hitting right click. Adding Arrows In order to make the behavior of this set of parametric equations even more clear, we can add arrows to show the direction of particle motion.

Making a Legend Grapher unfortunately will not automatically make a legend for you. However, with creative use of the Insert Object menu, you can build one for yourself: This legend was created using a combination of Insert Rectangle green box with text , Insert Arrow x2 one headless , and Insert Oval the red dot.

iOS – Good Grapher

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Mac Grapher: Differential Equations

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Version 3.12.1 (Mac) - 22.3.12222

Specifically designed for reports, presentations, and problem sets where you need to produce sharp-looking graphs on the fly, OmniGraphSketcher combines the data plotting power of charting applications with the ease of a basic drawing program. And it's not just for geometry.

Getting Started With Grapher, Your Mac's Built-in Graph Tool

Use it for elementary and middle school math, algebra, precalculus, and calculus. Commercial Mac Windows No features added Add a feature. Maths softwares for geometry and algebra.

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Discover and test our maths and dynamic geometry software on Cabrilog website. Dash Reports is a versatile and light weight reporting solution. It allows users and administrators to create a large range of reports driven by SQL databases. It also supports the creation of complex and powerful dash-boards; caching the results locally to reduce load on the source data. Various report output formats are supported and the results can be styled using templates.

KSEG is a free interactive geometry program for exploring Euclidean geometry. It runs on Unix-based platforms according to users, it also compiles and runs on Mac OS X and should run on anything that Qt supports. You create a construction, such as a triangle with a circumcenter, and then, as you drag verteces of the triangle, you can see the circumcenter moving in real time. Of course, you can do a lot more than that--see the feature list below. BioVinci is a powerful yet simple tool for data analysis and visualization. BioVinci allows wet-lab biologists and biomedical researchers to process data on a familiar screen.

No computational background is necessary. Just drag and drop. With BioVinci, you can: - Customize your plots and get them ready for publication in a breeze violin plot, 3D scatter plot, edit heatmap colors, Venn diagram, box plot, etc. MagicPlot is cross-platform application for scientific and engineering plotting, non-linear and multipeak curve fitting and batch processing. MagicPlot produces high-quality plots and offers handy plot navigation.

Downloading the Mac OS X version

Project files have. It is a great companion for Excel, Numbers or any of the big statistical packages. It is available in the Apple Store not currently in the US , and a non-sandboxed but signed version is available. Our initial impressions are that it is very easy to use, and the snapshot feature should prove very handy to web publishers. Despite our poor snapshot, it is capable of sophisticated graphics and has numerous controls. Kaleidagraph is a dual-platform data analysis and graphing application published by Synergy Software.

A demo is available. Kaleidagaph's promotional materials promise essentially everything offered by DeltaGraph and then some. The Universal Binary update did not appear until August , but it came with Intel-Mac optimization at long last, along with the use of QuickTime for export, which provides extra features.

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  • Users have written in to say that Kaleidagraph can easily tabulate, normalize, and combine data sets, make numerical calculations of theoretical expressions for comparisons with the measured data points, make publication-quality graphs with little effort. James P. Conner pointed out, "KaleidaGraph can handle 1, columns and one million rows, while Delta Graph is last time I looked limited to columns and 32K rows. Also, K-Graph's statistical functions have been expanded significantly in the last two releases, and are much more useful than D-Graph's.

    The program has been kept updated, despite a web site with a copyright date; when we checked in November , the last update had been in March. From Ripeware, Lively Logic imports data from CSV files to create line graphs, scatter plots, bar graphs, bubble graphs, candlestick charts, pie charts, and tables. It has 75 functions, automatic updating of when data changes, and customization of graph elements.

    Version: 2. Software updated: sometime after Jan. MagicPlot is used for scientific and engineering data analysis, graphing, nonlinear curve fitting, and multi-peak fitting. The Pro version program has publication quality customizable plots with multiple axes, text table import with previews, data manipulation, FFT, integration, differentiation, histograms, and other statistics, with multiple undos some of these features are on the free student version as well. It takes a short time to get acquainted but is far easier to learn than many graphing programs; basic statistics are provided.

    The program can guess the most appropriate fit line, but lets users choose a method if desired. Configurations: OS X Dave [not me] wrote: " I consider it much more feature complete than Kaliedagraph and far more intuitive than Igor Pro. They have excellent customer support, usually getting back to you within 24 hours if you have a bug report or feature request.

    It is used by scientists and engineers to analyze their measurements and the mathematical models they use to describe them. Scientists or students can define any mathematical function and use it to model their data, finding by linear or nonlinear curve fitting the function parameters that best describe their observations. Moreover, they can use a number of tools for the mathematical and statistical analysis of functions and data sets, and they can produce aesthetically pleasing graphical representations for their scientific reports. Version 6. MacOS PublishPlot was created to turn any collection of data in flexible plain-text formats into publication-quality plots, written by a journal editor.

    The writer claims that all features of the plot can be customized, and that it can be scaled while conserving relative sizes; plots can be annotated with labels and arrows; and simple transformations are included. Available from the Mac App Store. About version 3. There is no programming language. It loads Excel files, preserving variable names. On Macintouch. It has some great niche graphics for the earth sciences that you can't easily get anywhere else.