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Also, I continuously have problems with it syncing to icloud so my notes are not always updated. However, I do like being able to make notebooks for each class. Google docs. I liked that one note saved automatically in the cloud, but I gave up on it when I got sick of not being able to change line spacing. I like the notebook option for word. Its easy to take notes during class because it creates bullet points whenever you indent, and its nice for outlining because you can just chunk your notes into an outline without formatting issues.

Apple Notes: The best free app

During lecture, I highlight information that's already in my reading notes whenever the professor discusses it and I color code new information in blue font. For questions or things I'm unsure about, I code it in red font. That way it's easy for me to distinguish where the different pieces of information came from when I'm putting an outline together. If you want to handwrite notes or your professor bans laptops I would recommend Levenger think-pads if you can spare the cash.

I've found they make it easier to stay organized because they have little boxes at the top for you to enter the date, topic, and page number for all your notes. They also have a blank space on the left margin for cornell note taking if that's your jam also nice for drawing charts or things like that. At least half of my 1L profs didn't allow laptops.

I think pen and paper was the most common note-taking device during 1L. In any case, your choice of note-taking app will likely have minimal effect on your performance, particularly because many of them have fairly similar features. Just try out a few different ones now, see which you like, and stick with it. Evernote requires internet access to not glitch up, and everyone I know who used it says templates are more or less mandatory.

I'm sure you've probably found one by now, but if you haven't and I get a lot of shit for this , for outlining and even note-taking in class , I think Pages is the most user friendly. It's simple, clean, and doesn't include all of the formatting options right in your face like MS Word does. No matter what program you use though, save your own templates.

Note taking at law school

You'll be especially thankful once finals come around and you don't have to format every single outline from scratch. Want to be able to access your projects, notes and to-do lists on all of your devices? Use Evernote. With Evernote, you can take notes on your computer and have them automatically sync to your smartphone or tablet. Spill water on your computer? All of your notes and outlines are safe and sound. You can also save audio recordings, videos and PDFs to the app and even use your smartphone camera to scan hard copy documents.


The app is also built for collaboration, which allows you to share notes and outlines with your study group. Quizlet allows you to create your own digital flashcards within the app. You can also share your flashcards with others. The best thing about using this app is that you will always have your flashcards on you, just in case you find some extra time to review.

Quizlet also gives you the option to create a study set, which builds a personalized study schedule based on your exam date. Throw out your planners, folks. Toggle navigation Home. Contact Copyright Privacy.

Home Best law school note taking Best law school note taking software mac Users receive 2 GB of free storage. Primary Sidebar A number of image filters are also available, as are a variety of fonts. Welcome to Reddit, All the others are too finicky, especially when it comes time to print outlines and shit. Thats definitely a pro and something I am looking for. Mobile Applications for Law Students and Lawyers! Thus, a laptop that a student can use which is in good condition and that a student can use during the entire examination period, is essential.

The college maintains a limited number of computers providing free access to e-mail, the Internet, word processing, and other applications on the law school network. A GatorLink account, available after registration, is necessary to use any computer on campus, including wireless access from a personal computer. The GatorLink account will be your official University of Florida UFL e-mail address to which important administrative information will be sent to you.

Because of rapidly changing technologies and prices, the college does not recommend specific hardware manufacturers or software. However, Microsoft Office is standard and available on all public workstations. A letter-quality printer ink-jet or laser is highly recommended. For more information about printing at the law school visit Printing Services.

In providing access to funding for computer equipment, the Levin College of Law is not responsible for the maintenance, upgrade, or loss of equipment. The specifications below are intended to ensure you have adequate tools to successfully complete the curriculum.

Most netbooks also have a modified keyboard to allow them to be so small; these modified keyboards can have an adverse effect on typing in general. The smaller screen resolutions on these machines make navigating online content difficult.

Mac note taking software law school

We advise that netbooks should not be considered as main computing hardware for students. The Levin College of Law does not endorse any specific vendor but will post information regarding companies meeting its technical specifications at discount prices. Since the law school does not provide support for student computers, we recommend that students carefully investigate vendor support.