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Disk Utility's restore function lets you create a bootable clone
  1. Use Disk Utility to Clone a Mac's Drive
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  3. Clone HD with Disk Utility (Download Mac Hard Drive Cloning software)

You can copy or clone any hard drive or device to any other hard drive or device on your Mac. It will never cause any data loss, also will never cause any damage to your hard drive or system.

Use Disk Utility to Clone a Mac's Drive

Making a copy or your data or disk drive is the best way to backup your important data. AweClone for Mac can help you quickly and securely copy your data and clone hard disk drive under Mac OS.

Create a Bootable Clone Backup Drive [Mac How to]

Make a backup or your photos, videos, documents or other data in event of system crash or data loss. I was looking for a disk cloning solution of SSD. AweClone gave the best experience.

Installation & Repair Services

It has clean interface — just a simple clicks can do this job. I am using this application on my PC and Mac. It works well. It not only can clone system hard drive, but also supports for other hard drive and USB flash drive. When the copy is completed, a folder bearing the same name as the copied disk appears in the destination folder or disk. The new folder contains each and every file that was on the disk of the same name.

Copying files in this way is handy when you want to grab all the files from a CD or DVD and put them on your hard drive.

Carbon Copy Cloner also offers encryption for disk images, while SuperDuper lets you choose from three levels of compression. Likewise, you can use either app to restore a drive from a disk image. Both apps also let you schedule backups to run unattended—on a recurring schedule, when the destination drive is mounted, or both.

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Both apps can also perform designated tasks—for example, running shell scripts; ejecting the destination drive on completion; or instructing your Mac to sleep, shut down, or restart—before or after a cloning operation. In Carbon Copy Cloner, such actions can be specified only for scheduled tasks. In my testing, both apps functioned impeccably, copying everything exactly as they claimed they would, including all the finicky OS X metadata, permissions, and links.

Smart Disk Cloning Software for Mac

However, beyond the basics, the two apps diverge in interesting ways—each one offers useful tricks that the other does not. SuperDuper has two post-run options that Carbon Copy Cloner lacks: It can create a disk image of the destination volume useful in an institutional setting where you may need to copy an image to multiple Macs , and it can install a package-based app on the destination. In addition, SuperDuper has a feature called Sandbox, which requires some explaining but turns out to be very useful in certain situations.

Instead, SuperDuper creates symbolic links of those items from the source to the destination. Because so many files are merely being linked rather than copied, a Sandbox clone takes much less time to create than a regular clone, and it occupies less space on the destination drive.

When you restart your Mac from the Sandbox volume assuming, of course, that the source volume—typically your normal startup drive—is still connected , everything should behave almost exactly as if you copied all the files. For starters, you can safely do anything you like while booted from the Sandbox clone—upgrade OS X, install new software, try out wacky system customizations, or whatever—and none of those changes will affect your original drive.

Clone HD with Disk Utility (Download Mac Hard Drive Cloning software)

However, you can also feel secure knowing that any changes you make to documents and settings while working from the clone will also show up when you switch back to the original drive. The developer also recommends against restoring a Sandbox clone to the original drive. Although Carbon Copy Cloner lacks a Sandbox feature, it has four other unique capabilities that you may find even more helpful.