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Lets you post hundreds of comments on YOUR video. Lets you get hundreds of users to subscribe to YOUR video. Doing this gets your video listed in. These are the pages that most people visiting youtube visit, so your video will be viewed by a large number of people. Click Image to view demo. Once you use Tube Automator to post hundreds of votes and comments to your video, it gets listed in the top spots in these categories.

Watch Bot 3.0 - Increase YouTube Views For Free ✓ - New Tik Tok Boost & Dual Mode For YouTube

This leads to even more page views that can land your video on the homepage at YouTube, which means an avalanche of traffic to your site! Before this I had to buy youtube views, but now I have a secret weapon, thanks to you". I hear ya I have personally used these methods and they still makes me money from youtube So there you have it, every reason to say YES!! Simply enter your name and email and the report will be mailed to you. Video Duration minutes. It's time for you to act on this and Grab Your Copy Now.

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You can cancel at any time. This price is a limited time offer. I want to download Tube Automator right now. To Boost My Youtube Views and drive hordes of visitors to my site! I thought you should use this tip when ordering them. What is this? Cheating on YouTube? Your Content must be really bad, if you have to cheat on YouTube. When you are able to produce content, that keeps viewers or even let you gain more and more viewers, then you deserve it. This isn't the case? You have to work to get money.

There is no shortcut. Big dislike for this article. Once you start cheating, you cheat yourself and the YouTube Users. What would you say, if you buy a new TV and there is just sand in the package? Think about that one. Hey Robert I understand your frustration, but take a look at all the shit videos out there on youtube that have tons of hits. Filmmakers who want their films to be seen have to level the playing field somehow.

If you disagree let me ask you this if I spend more money on my movie in marketing than you do and my movie has a way bigger opening weekend, does that make me a cheater?

YouTube View Bot For Safari · GitHub

Anytime we "cheat" i. You've just decided to become one of the scum instead of trying to oppose and eliminate them. It's no different than any other business model.. According to your logic everything that revolves around success is cheating. I admit it I buy views. It works.. Your living in a bubble if you think music like Justin Bieber, Adele just got views and ranking on iTunes simply by their music?.. The investors all jump start their views by buying a couple million views or purchasing a million uploads of their songs to make more money Tons of musicians out there that are good, tons of videos that are good..

It's the way of the world!

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I think its most definitely a form of paid promotion. That being said though, I do have a couple of thoughts:. I would not recommend this method if you are a YouTube Partner. Not because I think YouTube will catch it and disable your channel, but because its likely AdSense will see the spike in impressions from the same IP address and flag your account. For a comparable price to these services YouTube will put your video at the top of search results based on the tags associated with it.

Membership Levels

This might be better for some as it will not only increase your view count, but do it in a way that people that may actually be interested in the content will see it. Great advantage of promoted views is i always click on promoted videos completely by accident, then i get sucked in to the channel and i sub! That's Too nice, taking into consideration in india hope it might complete a Rocking location for youngster. Hey Guys! I know what you mean by those videos with lots of views and hjust a few comments. I have been on youtube since april of , and i must say that i like this idea.

In fact, i am going to school for film, and i had to create a film portifolio and i got it accepted last weekend, i am very proud of that, thing is, i have subscribers and 36, total video views, over like 70 total videos, i've deleted several in the past but none recentally. Thing is, i am getting so little views andhave gotten quite a few views lately, over 10k since the beginning of the school year, but i keep telling myself that its not good enough.

However, only has gotten me a few thousand views in return.

Add apps, get work done

And this is not something i just do when i have nothing else better to do, i spend my life doing this, however i am a student, my senior year of high school. I have a unique style, i'm the vlogger from the 80s with the bighair! I feel as there are people who just joined like 3 months or so ago and already have like a few thousand subs and i'm making better videos and putting in a whole bunch more time into it.

Here's my channel.

Sign up to start using vidIQ to get more views on YouTube for FREE.

I would say that timing is also a really powerful way of getting views. Make a video of trending searches and also popular times of the year and popular topics at everyone is talking about. This way you can target your traffic and promote on the social networks. You will be surprised a how quick views start coming in.

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Thanx for the usefull advice will surely try it out! Awesome blog I got a good number of views within 2weeks. Approx 2k to be exact. My formula is to give people what they want. My brother and his friends thought they'd be 'helpful' and buy me , youtube views. When I found out, I was furious, and really paranoid that youtube would block me. Now that I've read your article, I'm beginning to feel a little better. Still, I feel incredibly guilty of fraud.