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Wake-on-LAN support in Parallels Access
  1. Plex can be setup to allow Wake On Lan to remotely wake your PC, and then sleep! Here's the guide!
  2. Method #1: Install wakeonlan using Homebrew
  3. PMS and MacOS - Wake On LAN problem - Desktops & Laptops - Plex Forum
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In case someone is wondering what port number to use, it is recommended to use UDP port 9 and configure the router to forward it to your Mac. Tried testing it again. Anyone knows? It would be nice to get that worked.

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Based on my research, it MAY work if: 1. Use Apple wireless router 2. Not off, not Hibernate. I have to go to the machine first….

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Probably iMac too. Yes you can remote wake a Mac over the internet with WOL, but you must have the port cleared on the router that the Mac resides behind. This article has a horrible title. Its not remote unless you are not on the same wifi network, that would be called local. Connect to your router, poke around.

Plex can be setup to allow Wake On Lan to remotely wake your PC, and then sleep! Here's the guide!

But if you connect a Mac or PC! What a ridiculous comment. Anyway, I use this on a regular basis to wake my Mac when I get to the home or office, or if I need to perform remote management or want to trigger a Time Machine backup from far away.

I understand this is advanced, so I am not surprised that an average computer user does not understand the limitations by default, and how to bypass those. You can connect to your router via web browser and try to determine if your router supports the feature, some do and some do not.

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How to Turn on your Computer using Android Wake On Lan - WOL

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Method #1: Install wakeonlan using Homebrew

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PMS and MacOS - Wake On LAN problem - Desktops & Laptops - Plex Forum

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What program works best for wol for a mac? That's the point of Wake-On-Lan - it was around before sleeping was. A machine should be able to be completely powered down, but the NIC will still be awake listening for a magic packet, at which point it will tell the machine to power on. Sleeping or turned off it should still start up. Apple expert. ChristopherO wrote: It's on by default, but you can go into System Preferences, Energy Saver, and check the box for "Wake for network access". This isn't what the OP is hoping for, however.

If a Mac is off, it will not turn on in response to WOL. But it won't. See my reply above. Wouldn't that be nice, maybe on the new "modular" Mac Pro they are promising, but I doubt it. Thai Pepper. Yes, and that can be enforced with a password required for removal -protected Profile.